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AKB 25CrMo4 DIN 931

  • The dimensions of the products in mm are defined as ÇapXBoy. The first measure refers to the diameter of the product and the second dimension to the length (length of the part entering the material).
  • The bolt is placed in the hole prepared on wood or metal parts and it is usually the fixing and inserting part that attaches the nut by tightening the nut.
  • It is manufactured in accordance with international quality standards with Çetin Bolt assurance.
  • 8.8 Hardness quality steel (tensile strength = 80kg / mm 2  i and yield stress limit = 64kg / mm 2 ) 
  • DIN 931.
  • Half gear.
  • It has a corner.
  • It is a special zinc plated product to increase its durability.
Dimensions (cm)
4 x 20 x 4
Weight (Kg)
Warranty Information
12 Months Warranty
Product features
30 mm
120 mm
8.8 Quality
White (Coated)

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